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By katedyerseeley {No Comments}

I thought that last year my son had given up the mythical man with the bag. Nope. I was mistaken. He still wants to believe, even if he's only holding on with the tip of his pinky. So I've decided to savor these fading days of young childhood. Growing up is for another time. Right now, we're both believing. Portable ...

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

By evanstewart in p-feature {No Comments}

Wes Anderson has made a new Wes Anderson movie There’s only so much I can like a Wes Anderson movie, mostly because the aspects of film he excels at aren’t the aspects of film I care about. My favorite movies present me with interesting plots, complex characters and stimulating ideas. Anderson’s films, however, aren’t really ...

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Christmas List 2013 – Surprising Myself

By eaholmes in w-feature {No Comments}

I wasn’t very interested in writing a Christmas list this year. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I believe that I was all kinds of good this year and that placed me firmly on the nice list. It wasn’t that I was afraid that Santa wasn’t going to reward me for my behavior. It’s just ...

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A Geek’s Holiday Wish List

By gordyseeley in g-feature {2 Comments}

Editor's note: Apparently our resident "Geek" didn't get everything on his list last year. He's asked us to run this piece again, in hopes that Santa will come through this time. Good luck, Mr. Geek~   This year's list includes a little bit of everything for the geeks in your life. Hopefully, the following list ...

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By Nina Geraghty in a-feature {4 Comments}

The Battle You Won't Win  Yu-gi-oh is a trading card game based on a Japanese TV series in which two players duel with each other according to a hugely complex set of elaborate rules.Children also swap cards or do brisk business after school selling and buying individual cards. When my son was 11, he fell in ...

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The Wet Spot

By eaholmes in i-feature {No Comments}

When my husband and I finally relented and, after months of campaigning from our kids, agreed to let them get a pet, we explained that starting slowly was the way to go. I suggested fish and the kids enthusiastically agreed. My assumption was that we would go to our local Petco and pick out a tank, ...

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