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By katedyerseeley {No Comments}

Tiny buds are beginning to appear on the forlorn branches of my trees outside which can only signal one thing—spring is coming. And with its arrival I’m dreaming of serene green spaces. This month I covet gardens. I’m ready to till fresh soil and lounge in a hammock under a shady tree. Here’s how I’ll ...

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Into the Woods

By eaholmes in p-feature {No Comments}

My daughter and I went to see the movie Into the Woods during the holiday season and I’m just now getting around to writing down my thoughts about it. My daughter is ten and was very excited to see a musical that wasn’t animated. I’d never seen it, not even the stage production, and was ...

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Call Me Redeemed: A Moby-Dick Story

By ryankahn in w-feature {2 Comments}

At the end of my freshman year of college, I declared English Literature to be my major. I made that self-defeating decision for two reasons: (1) I was petrified of the sciences (which apparently involve math), and (2) I basically knew how to read. I should have expected that pursuing a Literature degree would require ...

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A Geek’s Guide to Moving

By gordyseeley in g-feature {1 Comment}

It all started harmlessly enough. First, upon returning home from work, I would occasionally notice a flyer or two in the mail basket, presumably picked up during a sunny neighborhood walk. Then, the emails began streaming in on a regular basis. "Beautiful house!", the subject line would read, the body containing a lone RMLS or ...

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By Nina Geraghty in a-feature {4 Comments}

The Battle You Won't Win  Yu-gi-oh is a trading card game based on a Japanese TV series in which two players duel with each other according to a hugely complex set of elaborate rules.Children also swap cards or do brisk business after school selling and buying individual cards. When my son was 11, he fell in ...

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The Wet Spot

By eaholmes in i-feature {No Comments}

When my husband and I finally relented and, after months of campaigning from our kids, agreed to let them get a pet, we explained that starting slowly was the way to go. I suggested fish and the kids enthusiastically agreed. My assumption was that we would go to our local Petco and pick out a tank, ...

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