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This month I covet men.

Can I say that? Apologies in advance to the hubs, who happens to write our Geek of the Week column. Check out his smokin’ headshot here. A girl can gush after fourteen years of marriage right? Plus how sweet is that he carves out time to write for us every month. Oh wait, that’s right he’s angling for a trip to MAC World in exchange for his geek prowess. 

I digress. Back to coveting men. I don’t mean I covet them in a wrongfully desirable way, but rather I covet the idea of men—manly men, burly men, sweaty, beefy men, kind and considerate men, gentlemen, gangly teenage and blossoming boys learning how to be men.

This month let’s give it up for the men in our lives young and old. How better to celebrate them in all their manhood than a good old fashion barbeque. Break out that Weber and treat your man to a weekend of wonderment.

Northwest Grilling School:  First up take your man to school—grilling school. At Northwest Grilling School he’ll learn how to deep fry a turkey. And, most importantly how to do it without burning the house down. They offer weekday and weeknight classes on brining chicken, crafting homemade sauces, perfecting the art of rubbing ribs, and so much more. Participants sample their smoked brisket and grilled pizza at the completion of every class. A four hour class ranges from $100 to $50 based on the number of students and includes all the food. If you’ve got a gang you want to grill with Northwest Grilling School will come to you for a nominal fee.

The Grill Sergeant:  Now that he’s mastered the grill, make him a sergeant. This state-of-the-art man apron is sure to get your guy in the grilling spirit and make him the envy of the neighborhood. The Grill Sergeant features six can or bottle holders, a built-in bottle opener and plenty of pockets for easy access to hot dog tongs or a bottle of barbeque sauce. With an adjustable strap and a manly camouflage pattern, this is a must have for your next backyard bash.


Homebrew:  No man feast can be complete without a heavy assortment of beer. Fortunately for those of us who happen to reside in the Northwest (aka the beer capitol of the world) a shortage of stellar handcrafted beer is never hard an issue. But, why not take it to the next level and introduce your man to the art of homebrew? For those of you who live in this beer-mecca we call home check out Bader Brewing. Their brew masters teach weekly classes on specialty grains, hops, yeast, malts, sanitation and fermentation. At $20 for an introductory class it's a steal. Not to worry, if you live in less beer-centric corner of the world visit Mr. Beer online. They sell and ship brewing systems all designed to produce two gallons of beer in a mere fourteen days. Kits start as low as $39.95.

Construction Plate and Utensils:  Forgo the tired red-checkered paper plates this year and bring back the kid in your man with a construction plate and utensil set. Better yet, buy a pair for your baby daddy and your baby. They’ll bond as they dig into their potato salad (quite literally) with this whimsical construction-inspired tableware, featuring a bulldozer pusher, a fork lift, and front loader spoon. The plate retails for $14.95 and the set of three utensils for $17.50. Find it at Uncommon Goods.


ManCans:  A sparkling table with fancy party lights isn’t just for girls. Bring a festive and fun edge to your celebration with a ManCan. These fragrant tins are the brainchild of a thirteen-year-old who wondered, “Why don’t people sell candles with scents that men like?” Well now they do. And men, let me tell you this kid is redefining olfactory with scents like: bacon, Memphis Style BBQ, sawdust, gunpowder, dirt, New York style pizza and grandpa’s pipe. As if supporting a budding entrepreneur weren’t enough, this whiz kid has designed his ManCans inside of a soup can. Every time a candle is made, the soup is donated to a homeless kitchen. That translates into 24,000 meals donated thus far. Wow. Light one up for $9.50.

Cake (As in the kind you eat. Not the band):  If the old adage “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is still true today then get yourself down to Cakes by Design stat. Not convinced? Let me tempt you with some of their flavors: ultimate Skor, golden lemon, banana boutique, chocolate chip cookie dough and Tiramisu. Mouth watering yet? Mine is too, but that’s not even the best part. This confectionery bakes cakes in any shape or size imaginable. Want to surprise your man with a life-sized R2 D2, a bottle of Corona or a set of bongo drums made of cake? Cakes by Design will create it. Small cakes start at $40, but as each sugary delight is based on your desire individual pricing varies.




Kate Dyer-Seeley writes the Pacific Northwest Mystery series for Kensington Books. SCENE OF THE CLIMB hits bookstores in June, 2014. Kate is also a ferocious reader (still clinging hopelessly to her collection of tattered paperbacks) who delights in discovering new writers and launching their work into the world.

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  1. Mandy Rager Reply June 4, 2012

    I can safely say I think you prefer your men (man) sweaty! ;) Sorry Gordy, she practically made me say it! You must be on the same wave length as Paul, he just asked me when that bbq school opened. I noticed the sign and bbq’s about 4 months ago. I will have to check into it! Bader Brewing has been on my radar for a few years now!!

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