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By gordyseeley in Geek Of The Week

First up a huge round of applause for all the geeks at NASA for the successful landing of their Mars rover, Curiosity. For those of you who weren’t watching the event live, seeing an entire room of geeks at JPL erupt in wild celebration upon receiving confirmation of the landing was a truly amazing sight to witness. If you missed it, you can see the celebration here.

And, in case you have no idea why these scientists were so excited in the first place, you need to see the truly astounding feat they accomplished by watching this video.

Now, back to the third rock from the sun. Summer is heating up and this geek is going on vacation. Don’t worry, though I’m not leaving you high and dry as I head for the water.

School may be out and temperatures may be spiking, but that doesn’t mean summer can’t be a perfect time to learn a thing or two. Even being the geek that I am, I’m in constant awe of the free resources available on the Internet. One such resource I came across recently is the absolutely fabulous website WonderHowTo.

The site’s tagline is, “Wonderland for your inner nerd,” and it is just about the most perfect description imaginable. The site is divided into dozens of topics, called “worlds,” each containing a continuously-updated stream of relevant how-to posts that are educational, instructional and entertaining.

With “worlds” covering everything from hacking to hairstyling, you’re bound to find a topic or two to keep you occupied for days. My favorite world, not surprisingly for those of you who know me is called, “MacGyverisms.” The kidbot is particularly fond of the “Science Experiments” and “Mad Science” worlds. We’ve been able to find some fantastic activities to work together on. Although, we’ve now been relegated to the patio outside by the wifebot following a slight mishap in the kitchen involving Mountain Dew.

Be forewarned, however, this geek does not accept responsibility for the amount of time you will lose on this site. Don’t worry about it too much, thought. It’s more than worth it!

That’s it for now. I’ll be back for the next issue, just in time to give you the scoop on all the latest and greatest gadgets every student (and parent!) HAS to have when headed back to school.


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