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One Geek’s Ultimate Wish List

By gordyseeley in Geek Of The Week

"Steve Jobs": It would be hard to find someone who has had more of an impact on the personal computer, mobile phone, and tablet industries in the last 30+ years than Steve Jobs. Regardless of where your computing allegiance lies, chances are you started out using one of Apple’s computers. This is Steve’s  story and Apple fanboy or not, you need to read it.

Parallels: The best Windows PC on the market continues to be a Mac. For only $80 (plus a copy of Windows), you can be using the most stable, virus-free, beautifully designed operating system in existence…and Windows too. Parallels allows you to run your favorite Windows-based programs without having to reboot.

Snorg Tees: There are a lot of t-shirt sites on the Web, so what makes these guys different? Quality. Not the quality of the fabric (though their shirts are top notch), but the quality of the original ideas that go into their shirts…and now hilarious hats as well! From Star Wars to sick, these guys continue to produce great products any geek would be proud to have in their wardrobe. Warning: Some of these shirts actually require intelligence to understand the humor. They’ve even shipped a shirt to NASA.

Kindle Fire: Those of you who know me may think I’ve lost my mind with this recommendation. Blasphemy, I know. Don’t get me wrong, the Kindle Fire is no iPad 2 killer. Its screen is smaller, the resolution isn’t as good, and it has no where near the versatility and usefulness of the iPad 2. It has its quirks for sure, but for the low price of $199, the Kindle Fire delivers as a pure media consumption device. Whether you’re looking to read books or blogs, watch TV shows or movies, or listen to your tunes, the Kindle Fire is a great option. The deep integration into the store and cloud storage makes buying new content/media a breeze…just don’t expect easy compatibility with any of your iStuff.

Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter: Remote-controlled vehicles are cool. Flying RC vehicles are the best. Throw a camera on a flying RC vehicle and you are nearing geek nirvana. Now, add the ability to fly said RC vehicle using your iPhone/iPad/iTouch with a live video feed from its video camera, and every geek’s head just exploded. That is exactly what you get with the Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter and it’s awesome. This thing is so easy to control and so maneuverable, you’ll be navigating the rooms of your home, or flying around the backyard, in no time. At $299, it’s not the cheapest thing on the wish list, but it’s hands-down the coolest.

Grid-It Organizers: Geeks like myself tend to have a lot of gadgets. With those gadgets come dozens of adapters, cords, accessories, memory cards, batteries, etc. Keeping all those random parts organized and untangled in any bag is impossible. Impossible, that is, without the help of the ingenious Grid-It! organizers from Cocoon. Anyone asking to borrow a charging cable from me is absolutely amazed when I easily slide my Grid-It! organizer out of my back-pack and hand them a neatly rolled up cord, all in about 5 seconds. Available in dozens of sizes and colors, Grid-It! organizers are sure to create pure bliss for the gadget geek on your list.

Demotivators: I worked for a company a while back that had a bunch of those motivational posters hanging throughout the office. I’d walk by them every morning and immediately get the urge to start my day off by punching someone in the face. Despair Inc.’s Demotivators are just like those motivational posters, except they provoke infectious laughter instead of uncontrollable rage. With posters, calendars, t-shirts, and more, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your favorite geek’s sarcasm.

iCade – iPad Arcade Cabinet: If you were born in the ‘70s, you were lucky enough to grow up during the video game revolution and experience the pixilated joy that were the arcade games of the time. You’ve also probably had dreams of building your own full-size MAME cabinet to relive the glory days, but never found the spare time or a way to convince your significant other to let you keep it in the house. Thanks to the awesome folks at, you can now experience that joy in a desktop-sized wonder for the iPad known as the iCade. This mini arcade cabinet incorporates your iPad or iPad 2 as the screen and uses Bluetooth to connect the retro joystick and button controls. To get your iCade up and running, grab the Atari iOS app, Greatest Hits, which includes 100 classic games for $14.99, all with iCade support built in.

Star Wars Galaxy Poster: This is an incredible poster for the Star Wars fanatic on your list this year. It contains all…err, most…of the characters, species, vehicles, ships, etc. from the Star Wars movies. While the artists neglected to get absolutely everything and everyone in there, it’s still an impressive and unique picture. If the galaxy poster doesn’t appeal to you, there’s also a poster depicting what would arguably be the greatest rock concert of all time.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty: Remember Silly Putty? That small, flesh-colored ball of putty in the flimsy plastic egg that let you bounce it like a ball and copy the comics? Thinking Putty is Silly Putty for grown-ups. In dozens of colors and styles, with everything from glow-in-the-dark to heat sensitive to magnetic, Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty comes in 1/5 lb. amounts and will keep your favorite geek occupied for hours.


Dad, Apple fanboy, rabid UO Ducks and Portland Timbers fan, PM, gamer, goalie, shortstop, (sometimes) bike commuter, lover of all-thing-Star Wars, IT guy for family & friends, mobile app fanatic, and all-around gadget and Internet junkie.

6 Responses to “One Geek’s Ultimate Wish List”

  1. Mandy Reply December 5, 2011

    Being married to a geek myself I greatly appreciate the tips for fun and unique places to shop for geeky things! My one question is, where can I get a throwing star? This is the one item on his Christmas list I am unsure of where to pick up. Is there a special Ninja store that you know of?

  2. eaholmes Reply December 6, 2011

    Well Gordy, you just made shopping for Mr. Holmes a whole hell of a lot easier – many thanks!

  3. Erin Reply December 6, 2011

    Now my husband is going to want a quadricopter – I hold you responsible for this, Mr. Seeley! 

  4. Ryan Reply December 6, 2011

    I'm sitting here, trying to figure out how I can live without a Quadricopter. Nope, I don't see it.

  5. Mary Sisson Reply December 14, 2011

    Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is available at Kazoodles, Vancouver's favorite toy store.

  6. Paul Reply January 3, 2012

     I am buying a quadricopter after playing with it at work it is just to cool not to have.  I am sure Paul will break it while I am not home but it is still worth the risk.

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