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These Ladies Amuse Me

Ah, the Dog Days of Summer. This has been such a delightful summer. The Pacific Northwest has escaped the worst of the broiling heat the rest of the country has endured, my kids are old enough to entertain themselves for extended periods of time and we just spent a week at the Oregon Coast that included the best weather I have ever experienced at said location. Can’t you just feel the bliss and see the rainbows and unicorns floating out of my butt? 

Such feelings of contentment left me with a hole where my repressed anger is usually housed. When it came time to draft my column o’ outrage this month, it was like trying to light a match with a wet matchbook. I couldn’t get any purchase on my resentment. I decided that instead of forcing myself into an inauthentic WTF mood, I would share some links to sassy blogs that often make me snort with laughter and contain that truth that I seek in blogs that earn my loyalty. Oh August, you saucy little minx, you make me mellow. 

Here goes:

People I Want To Punch In the Throat:  Oh PIWTPITT, with a name like that you had me at hello now, didn’t you? Jen’s a wife and mother of two, Gomer and Adolpha in the blog, and a riot. She’s like the bitchy best friend you’ve always wanted. Or maybe the one I’ve always wanted. Anyhoo, I stumbled upon a post  she’d written about attending an indoor soccer game and sitting next to the biggest assholes ever and from there, I was hooked. 

The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful: Shannon Bradley-Colleary’s blog kills me. She’s open, honest and insanely funny. She got a lot of coverage when she posted nude pictures she had taken when she was 46 alongside pictures of her in the same poses when she was 26. Balls of steel, I say. Some of her entries read like dispatches from the front lines of aging gracefully, with topics like Sex After 40 and Beauty After 40, this represents important information that needs to be imparted to those of us lagging shortly behind her. Plus, she looks good doing it. And she’s a screenwriter, married to a screenwriter, living in Beverly Hills, so really, it’s like we’re living the same life.

Dear Coquette: An advice column that provides a less than gentle kick in the ass when needed. And often times, it’s really, really needed. I find myself uttering either "booya" or "tell it sister" as I read her responses. If only Dear Abby had been as helpful.

Witty Little Secret: Although I am not a military spouse, or milspouse in the lingo, I can appreciate much of what Lori Volkman shares in her “Witty Little Secret” blog. She’s helping to give voice to so many women (and some men) who are serving our country in a different way and creating a supportive community, which we love here at Broadsheet 360. She’s had quite a bit of success and recognition in the past few months since she so graciously provided a piece for Broadsheet 360, and her chronicle of her journey is guaranteed to make you laugh, and probably cry a little too.

I’m curious though, about the sites I may be missing, so please, dear readers, let me know which women are sharpening their snarktastic wit and making you laugh and think this year.


Elizabeth Holmes has finally taken her own advice and is pursuing her passion for words. In addition to her role at Broadsheet 360, she's co-producer of "Anecdotal Evidence" a storytelling series, wife, mother, writer and whatever else tickles her fancy. Erma Bombeck is her spirit animal.

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