Roller Derby

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Roller Derby. Just the name evokes emotional responses. Something about the combination of athleticism and punk aesthetic sparks fascination and rabid fandom across gender and age lines. We at Broadsheet360 are not immune to that power and choosing “Derby” as the theme for our April issue was a no-brainer. We hope to explore the phenomenon from more angles than our singular fan-girl vantage point. This month you’ll hear about Derby virgin’s “first time,” a new recruit who is pursuing a dream and a fan who feels a special connection with the ladies of the Derby universe. Also in April, for our friends in the Pacific Northwest, we’re partnering with Anecdotal Evidence, a local storytelling series, for an evening of Stories, Burlesque Stars and Sweet Treats on April 26th at the Kiggins Theatre, for more details and tickets hit Brown Paper Tickets


Elizabeth Holmes has finally taken her own advice and is pursuing her passion for words. In addition to her role at Broadsheet 360, she's co-producer of "Anecdotal Evidence" a storytelling series, wife, mother, writer and whatever else tickles her fancy. Erma Bombeck is her spirit animal.

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